New Google TV Spot - "Questions" |

New Google TV Spot – “Questions”

Last night while indulging in the latest episode of my favorite NBC television series, The Blacklist, a new TV spot from Google aired and caught my eye. The one-minute spot circled around the idea of “A question is the most powerful force in the world.” Overtaking the TV screen, the commercial demonstrates in full animation the search possibilities of the Google App, highlighting such features as song identification, maps integration, audio feedback, speech translation and reminders.

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Better Call Saul Episode 106 Review |

Better Call Saul Episode 106 Review

Monday night, the latest installment in Better Call Saul, Episode 106: Five-O, aired on AMC, and wow – what a revealing episode! The further we go into the season, the more we start to learn about the cast, which is great for fans of the show, as well as fans of Breaking Bad. Last week we got a deeper look into the character of Chuck, and this week we learn a lot about what makes Mike, Mike.

I don’t want to go into as much detail as the last Better Call Saul review when it comes to the plot, because I strongly encourage you to watch the episode to get all the details that can’t come through in a blog post. But, to get an idea of what went down, here is a synopsis.


The show starts off with Mike meeting a lady at a train station who we soon figure out is his daughter-in-law. Throughout conversation at the station and later at the lady’s house, someone named Matty (Matt) is brought up. The episode gives us clues along the way that Matt is actually Mike’s son and has been killed in the line of duty as a police officer in Philadelphia – following in the foot steps of his father.

Better Call Saul Episode 106 Review |

Mike in the interrogation room | Image credit

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