Weekly App Review #4: True Skate | HOOKD.in

Weekly App Review #4: True Skate

In last week’s app review, I mentioned how smartphones have primarily become time wasters killers. Many of the spare seconds we have are spent scrolling through Facebook, browsing Twitter, and of course, playing games. I personally am a gamer at heart, so to no surprise, most of my smartphone time killing comes in the form of games. Well, I’ve found a new game that has proven to be quite good at helping me kill time, and also happens to be pretty awesome – True Skate.

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Welcome to HOOKD.in!

Hey, thanks for stopping by! HOOKD.in is a site dedicated to technology and advertising, where you can find articles including news, reviews and how-tos. If you like staying informed about recent product releases, tech conferences, software and apps, as well as brands of all sizes and their marketing campaigns, stick around – you’re sure to find something here you’re in to!

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Weekly App Review #2: Flynx | HOOKD.in

Weekly App Review #2: Flynx

Given that my first weekly app review was of Opera for Android, a suitable replacement for Chrome, I thought I would look at something even a little more different when it comes to web browsing. We as consumers are always looking for quicker, more efficient means of consuming information, and we don’t want to sacrifice quality. When it comes to web browsing on Android devices, Flynx from InfiKen Labs tailors to that need.

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Sony just announced their next installment in the A7 lineup | HOOKD.in

Camera Candy: Sony Reveals New A7R II – Internal 4K Recording & Still Full Frame

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard the buzz surrounding the release of Sony’s new mirrorless beast, the A7R II. When it comes to full-frame mirrorless cameras, your options are kind of limited. Sony’s A7 line, including the A7, A7 II, A7S, A7R has become the most popular choice in this category. Now, with the release of the A7R II, Sony is looking to solidify it’s dominance in the category with a few big improvements.

Sony just announced their next installment in the A7 lineup | HOOKD.in

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Quick Tip: Change Your ‘Home’ or ‘Work’ Location in Google

If you use Google Now, you know that by enabling location services, you can automatically receive updates on weather, traffic and more based off of your home, work and frequently visited locations. But, what happens if you move or get a new job? Google Now won’t be as accurate in its information, continuing to give info based on the old address. Don’t worry – you can easily change your ‘Home’ or ‘Work’ location in Google by following these steps. See below for screenshots.

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Meet Lily: The Autonomous Camera Drone | HOOKD.in

Meet Lily: The Autonomous Camera Drone

For some people, drones are out of the question. They’re expensive, there’s a steep learning curve, and for most, they’re not practical. Unless you fall into the category of either hobbyist, or professional, it almost doesn’t make sense to own a drone. But, that doesn’t mean that tons of people don’t like the idea of drones, especially the photos and video footage they can produce. If you own a drone, but the footage you want to capture is of yourself (doing something amazing of course,) you’re pretty much out of luck unless you know someone else who can man the controls… until now.

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The New ASUS Zenbook ux305: Bang for Your Buck.

With Apple’s new Macbook having been in the hands of some of the industry’s leading reviewers for a couple of weeks, and now that you’ve gotten to hear what they have to say, you may have come to the harsh realization that although thin, light and beautiful, it may not be right for you. Well, chin up, Sunny – You’ve got options. When it comes to laptops, there are plenty of fish in the sea so to speak, and the ASUS Zenbook ux305 is looking quite tasty.

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5 Tech Gift Ideas for Mom on Mother's Day | HOOKD.in

5 Tech Gift Ideas for Mom on Mother’s Day (2015)

Mom’s are great. I mean, just think about it. All the things they went through, and put up with when raising you. Snotty noses, dirty diapers, the crying, the screaming. The list goes on and on. With only (less than) a week left until Mother’s Day, it’s time to get serious about your shopping list. For all the years they spent devoted to raising a child ( a.k.a., you), there’s only one day a year dedicated to them – so you better make your gift a good one! If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas, check out the list below of tech gifts for Mom that she is sure to appreciate.

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Samsung Announces New 'Level On' and 'Level Link' | HOOKD.in

Samsung Announces New ‘Level Link’ Audio Adapter and ‘Level On Wireless’ Headphones

Yesterday, April 28th, a press release from Samsung announced two new additions to it’s ‘Level’ audio gear lineup – ‘Level On Wireless’ and ‘Level Link’.

Samsung Announces New 'Level Link' Audio Adapter and 'Level On' Headphones


Samsung’s current ‘Level On‘ headphones, listed on their site for $169.99, tout an ultra-comfortable, on-ear design with exceptional sound quality.

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Say Hello To The Apple Watch

With the Apple Watch now arriving to the first set of customers who placed internet pre-orders for home delivery, it’s now the time for first impressions. Tech Crunch details the process of getting the watch set up and paired, talks about the bands they have, and looks into some of the features that were advertised and how the watch delivers on its promises.