New GoDaddy Commercial has Viewers Celebrating

For a long time now, GoDaddy, one of the web’s leading domain registrars, has been running edgy t.v. spots featuring attractive women to bait viewers to visit their website. Well, it seems the times have changed. GoDaddy has turned the focus of their new ad campaign to humor, and more specifically in this spot – dancing gingers. (It’s ok for me write this way, I’m a ginger, myself.)

I personally have no idea why GoDaddy ran the ads that they used to. I never understood them, but I can always appreciate the use of humor in ads. GoDaddy, I must say, excellent job, my friends. This spot, titled “Related,” is one of a couple humorous ads in the “Inspiration Business Owners” campaign. I’m looking forward to seeing how GoDaddy stretches out this campaign.

– A.J.


Advertisements New Esurance Commercial

Hasbrown, Selfie – Esurance Introduces Milton.

Meet Milton – the newest member to the misguided and misunderstanding cast of characters in Esurance’s ongoing national ad campaign.

Esurance continues their “Insurance for the Modern World” campaign with yet another stab at Geico, claiming that “fifteen minutes for a quote isn’t how it works anymore.” The new 30 spot airing on national t.v. introduces a new, friendly character named Milton. Milton, like Esurance’s past commercial characters, is portrayed as being a little behind the times when it comes to his understanding of technology, taking a selfie using the office photocopier, and mistaking ‘hashtag’ with ‘hashbrown’.

Who’s your favorite character from the ‘Insurance for the Modern World’ campaign?

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– A.J.



2015 Honda Fit Commercial

What will ‘fit’ in a Honda Fit? Honda answers this question with their new 30″ spot that addresses the potential utility of the 2015 Honda Fit.

Honda’s humorous delivery in their new spot demonstrates the versatility of the Fit and attempts to reach a wider audience than it’s current appeal. Who knew you could fit a full-size road bike, the Stanley Cup, and even traverse a small pile of sand?

– A.J.