New Google TV Spot - "Questions" |

New Google TV Spot – “Questions”

Last night while indulging in the latest episode of my favorite NBC television series, The Blacklist, a new TV spot from Google aired and caught my eye. The one-minute spot circled around the idea of “A question is the most powerful force in the world.” Overtaking the TV screen, the commercial demonstrates in full animation the search possibilities of the Google App, highlighting such features as song identification, maps integration, audio feedback, speech translation and reminders.

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New Disgustingly-Hilarious Ad From American Standard |

Disgustingly-Hilarious American Standard Ad

I love advertising that does its job. Makes you aware of a need, addresses that need, and then offers up a solution to that need. Sometimes us humans come across a problem that isn’t so easy to talk about or admit, but American Standard‘s TV spot for their VorMax™ Flushing System tells you like it is – “No one likes to look at splatter”. Look, it happens to the best of us, and this new ad from American Standard makes it clear that they have a product that can help you out. Not only does this ad do its job, but it is hilarious! I promise you won’t be able to watch just once.

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Top 7 Favorite Super Bowl XLIX (2015) Commercials

Well, Super Bowl XLIX (2015,) the end to a scandalous, headline-packed, NFL season is in the bag. Needless to say, the game was a nail-biter, complete with miraculous catches, horrible play calls, and a game-winning interception. While the Super Bowl itself is obviously newsworthy, what may be getting just as much press this week is, yes, you guessed it, the commercials.

Doritos and Budweiser may have taken the cake when it comes to being the fan favorites, but there were so many great Super Bowl commercials this year, especially in comparison to previous Big Game spots. You’ve probably seen them all already (thank you internet,) but below is a list of my top 7 favorite commercials from Super Bowl 2015, XLIX.

1. Dodge: “Wisdom”

This isn’t the first time I’ve written about a Dodge ad. With their Spirit of the Dodge Brothers campaign setting the stage, and “Wisdom” driving it home (no pun intended,) Dodge is forcing you to realize their heritage. I have to admit, this one gave me goosebumps, made me want a Dodge, and made me want to call my grand parents.

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BBDO and GE are a Match Made in Heaven

For almost a century, General Electric (GE) has been a client of BBDO, the “second largest global advertising network” and “most awarded advertising agency.” Now, I haven’t been around for a century, but if there’s been one company/agency pairing that has caught my eye recently, it’s GE and BBDO.

GE Commercial

Let’s put it this way. GE and BBDO make magic together. The way they turn the image of a company that dwells in the midst of a sort of dull and under-appreciated industry, into this awe-inspiring, imaginative “being” for lack of a better word, is truly impressive to me. Recent t.v. spots such as Ideas are Scary and Childlike Imagination – both part of their “Imagination at Work” campaign – and others such as The Boy That Beeps, do such a good job conveying a message of inspiration and innovation that personally, it doesn’t matter what they do/make – I just want to work with them and be a part of something bigger.

I love these ads. End of story! Take a look below at the ads mentioned above. Yummification 5-Hour Energy

Smart Marketing at it’s Finest – 5-Hour Yummification Commercial

Have you ever tasted a 5-Hour Energy shot? Don’t get me wrong, these things work wonders for keeping you awake on a long drive, or giving you the extra boost to make it through a long work day, but WOW are they hard to get down sometimes! The taste is bad, but we need the energy!

It’s similar to the ‘smart car’ conundrum – until recently with the Tesla Model S, there was no smart car that actually looked half way decent (at least in my opinion.) Why can’t we have a car that’s great for the environment AND looks nice? This goes for 5-Hour Energy as well – why can’t we have a shot of energy AND it be tasty? I’m sure there are reasonings behind everything, but nonetheless, 5-Hour knows this is a problem, and here is how they plan to overcome it with smart marketing:

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So… why is this spot, in my opinion, creative genius? Because 5-Hour Energy has identified a problem with their product, and found a solution that can be achieved through marketing and advertising without changing their product. The research and development that would be necessary to improve the taste of their product would undoubtedly cost more money than what they are using to, in essence, educate buyers of other possible, and tastier ways to drink 5-Hour Energy besides just throwing it back.

Are you a fan of 5-Hour’s new contest? Leave a comment below or connect on Twitter (@HOOKDin). Be sure to hit that subscribe button and get #HOOKD for more on advertising and technology.

– A.J.

2015 Honda Fit Commercial

What will ‘fit’ in a Honda Fit? Honda answers this question with their new 30″ spot that addresses the potential utility of the 2015 Honda Fit.

Honda’s humorous delivery in their new spot demonstrates the versatility of the Fit and attempts to reach a wider audience than it’s current appeal. Who knew you could fit a full-size road bike, the Stanley Cup, and even traverse a small pile of sand?

– A.J.