New Google TV Spot - "Questions" |

New Google TV Spot – “Questions”

Last night while indulging in the latest episode of my favorite NBC television series, The Blacklist, a new TV spot from Google aired and caught my eye. The one-minute spot circled around the idea of “A question is the most powerful force in the world.” Overtaking the TV screen, the commercial demonstrates in full animation the search possibilities of the Google App, highlighting such features as song identification, maps integration, audio feedback, speech translation and reminders.

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Say Hello To The Apple Watch

With the Apple Watch now arriving to the first set of customers who placed internet pre-orders for home delivery, it’s now the time for first impressions. Tech Crunch details the process of getting the watch set up and paired, talks about the bands they have, and looks into some of the features that were advertised and how the watch delivers on its promises.