Minuum Keyboard Review

One great thing about Android (and now Apple is coming around) is the ability to change the keyboard that you use across your entire device. It’s fun to try out different keyboards, and they can make your phone feel a little more customized and personal. There are tons of options. You’ve got everything from the simplistic but effective Google keyboard, to the crowd favorite SwiftKey keyboard, and even heavily modified versions such as this Paris themed keyboard.

Personally, I like to keep things simple which is why I’ve been using Google Keyboard.. until now that is. Minuum (yes, that’s spelled correctly) keyboard from Whirlscape has re-imagined the way the mobile keyboard should work. Instead of jamming the traditional keyboard layout into a phone, consuming precious screen real estate, Minuum significantly compresses the keyboard to an almost impossible size. It’s ok to say that it’s a nearly impossible size, in fact, Whirlscape admits it themselves. What makes it okay is the fact that this has to be the smartest keyboard I have used. Take a look at the video below.

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