Say Hello To The Apple Watch

With the Apple Watch now arriving to the first set of customers who placed internet pre-orders for home delivery, it’s now the time for first impressions. Tech Crunch details the process of getting the watch set up and paired, talks about the bands they have, and looks into some of the features that were advertised and how the watch delivers on its promises.


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The Apple Watch has landed, so to speak, with deliveries officially arriving to the first pre-order customers around the world. Apple’s first wearable device has enjoyed one of the longest pre-launch promotional cycles of any of its products, and with good reason – it’s a very different gadget from anything Apple has created before.

We’ve had a few days to try out the Apple Watch and establish some early impressions, and from set-up to our initial daily use experience, the smart watch is definitely a novel experience in a computer device. As soon as you open the box, it’s apparent that Apple is working on a plan to change how we think about personal computing on a grand scale – the Apple Watch is not just, as some might think, a wrist-mounted notification display for your iPhone.


The setup of the Apple Watch is, however, primarily a phone-based activity…

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