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Whether you are looking for a soulmate, hot date or just someone to chat with – Hookd helps you break the ice with interesting people around you.

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How does it work?2024-03-01T22:17:23+00:00

Hookd detects all the available people within 50m (160ft) range. If their preferences match yours, they will be shown on your grid for the next 24 hours. Within that time, you can Hook them to see if the interest is mutual … or send a Quick if you are feeling extra lucky.

So that means everyone in my range can message me?2024-03-01T22:17:48+00:00

No. Only people who mutually like each other can send each other messages. You can send one Quick before you match but it has a 200 character limit.

What is a Quick?2024-03-01T22:18:12+00:00

Quick is a message you can send if someone specifically caught your eye. You can send Quick instead of pressing like. Quick allows you to quickly introduce yourself. It has a 200 character limit.

How can I sign up?2024-03-01T22:18:38+00:00

You can sign up and login with Facebook, Google, phone number or Apple ID*.

*Apple ID only works on iPhones.

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